Every place one way or another is connected to music. As well as sex! We all have our favourite tune that reminds us of something good. We chosen to combine our favourite cities with the song that defines the place best. We translating all these feelings about the place thru the name of the song. Some cities are loud, some are melancholic and others are chill. Pick your destination!

We start with Copenhagen! It is our home now and we have very strong feelings for it.

love songs.jpg

It's not hard to see that our society is ravenous for love. Turn on the radio and you'll hear love songs playing on nearly every station. Popular culture gives the impression that life revolves around sex and romance. In reality, the energy and attention people devote to falling and making love is minimal compared to the time they spend working, eating, exersizing, shoping, managing their money, or watching television. According to polls, many people would rather go shoping than make love. But as they amble through the shoping mall, what's blasting over the loudspeakers? Love songs. <…> Ultimately, the love songs on the radio are not really songs about love at all, but about ecstasy - our longing for it, our brief moment of actually finding it, and our grief upon losing it.

- The Hunger for Ecstasy , Jalaja Bonheim