Elasticities objects are produced in limited quantities or upon request. We are focusing on collectable items. We also try to contribute less to the waiste mountain during the work process by saving materials, re-using, upcycling and compromising the measurements.

We choose to produce in high quality, locally or nearby areas in order to avoid endless packaging headaches. We also want to make sure that we know working conditions of manufacturers before we do business.

We are currious about the people who produce our things, so we visit manufacturers and collaborate with them face to face or we do what we can in the studio. For now, we are working together with silk manufacturers in Lyon, France. Printed matter and book binding are made localy in Copenhagen.

There is a lot of hand work in every object.

Objects are multi-functional.

All the objects are connected with each other by the purpose and narrative.

All the objects are meant to raise awareness and pay attention to the detail.