About the Concept 

'The design started as a snapshot collection of found hair elastics. Surprisingly many of these elastics you can see in the streets. This is probably the most popular thing to loose. 

For a few years I was taking a picture every time I saw an elastic. These scarves are documentation of such moments in several cities. A small object could say a lot about the person, a situation, a city life even. Therefore, I collecting and combining these elastics into an alternative map. 

These silk scarves are created in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Venice and Vilnius. Items are designed in different places every time again and are produced in Lyon, France.

'Elasticities' is an ongoing project which is initiated by Goda Gontyte.

This work is related to memory, location and the space. I use maps and tries to investigate what could be the story of that particular place. It is not about inventing a new thing. It is about trying to look into the object from a different perspective, questioning it, looking into it's relationship with other things.

The most important thing here is to notice and to make others to see it. At this point, finding an item that could be seen (or not seen at all) and putting it together with precious materials with an intention to bring something back and to perform awareness.