Filming at the rooftop (April, 2017)

in making of the wind.

Her's sand walk on heels (Students of life)

Head dance & Ping-pong

This is how you make your own 'Desire Path'. Rule 1: Follow no 1. Rule 2: Stick to your guts. Rule 3: No rules!

Light experiment

A girl and a map in the middle of nowhere.

Quite accidentally discovering a work dedicated for Emma Goldman by the polish artist Karolina Freino. Karolina made a floatable light tower at the point where two rivers meet. Light tower signals Emma's text in a Morse's code again and again. In my bag I'm carrying this flag. This is a quote by Emma and my favourite sentence.

Ways to wear a silk square

Billboard 1 , Frankfurt

Walks, Walks, Walks…